Corporate Matters

With over 40 years of combined legal experience, our attorneys are skilled in handling a wide range of corporate matters and business transactions. We provide skilled legal counsel and services in various matters including:

  • Business formations
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Employment agreements
  • Non-compete and non-solicitation agreements
  • Licensing and permits
  • Venture capital transactions

Our attorneys also advise clients on day-to-day legal and operational matters.

Customized, Cost-Effective Business Counsel

Every business and business owner is different.  As a result, we offer legal services that are customized to our clients’ needs. As a smaller firm, we’re able to dedicate ourselves to consistently represent your interests. We work with a wide variety of business types and sizes, often with very different objectives.

If you or your company needs experienced counsel for corporate and transactional legal matters, contact us today.  We work with clients throughout the state of Michigan. 

Experienced Employment Law Attorneys

There are many issues that can lead to disputes between employers and employees. When these disputes rise to the level of possible litigation, it’s important to hire an attorney who is experienced and knowledgeable in the area of employment law. At the Law Office of Alan Lowenthal, we have over 40 years of combined experience handling employment law matters. Our firm assists both employers and employees in dispute resolution and litigation.

High-Quality Legal Counsel in Various Employment Law Matters

There are numerous laws governing the responsibilities of employers and the rights of employees. Also, employers often require employees to sign legal documents describing compensation, benefits, rights of the company regarding termination of employment, prohibitions on where the employee can work after leaving the company, and general rules of conduct. When these employment laws or contracts are breached, it can result in expensive and time-consuming lawsuits. Our firm is experienced in handling employment law matters including:

  • Workplace discrimination;
  • Sexual harassment;
  • Wage, commission and benefit disputes;
  • Severance disputes;
  • Breach of contract;
  • Confidentiality issues;
  • Workplace health and safety issues;
  • Wrongful terminations; and
  • Family and medical leave issues.

We represent employers and employees. We carefully assess the merits of each claim and guide our clients towards the best possible outcome. In some cases, that may lead towards a negotiated settlement.  Other cases may have to be litigated in court.

Employment laws change often, so it is important to choose an attorney who is not only experienced but also knowledgeable and up-to-date on new changes in the law. Our attorneys stay current on state and federal labor laws and regulations. We vigorously represent our clients’ interests both in and out of court.

If you are involved in an employment dispute and are in need of skilled legal counsel and representation, contact us to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case. From our  Grosse Pointe office, we serve clients throughout metropolitan Detroit. 

Cannabis Legal Services

With a comprehensive dual licensing scheme on the state and local level, Michigan cannabis businesses are strictly regulated, with new regulations and changes to existing regulations constantly emerging. We can guide you through the complex licensing process and help you secure all required state and local licenses.  We offer business and corporate law services for the cannabis industry and related businesses from start-up through sale.  Contact us to learn more about our services.

The firm offers a wide array of legal and business services to cannabis, hemp and cannabis related entities (CREs). Whether you plan to enter the industry, invest, contract with CRE’s, or understand how cannabis laws impact your business, we can help you.

The firm offers business and legal compliance services necessary for the successful cannabis entrepreneur, including:

  • Business entity consultation, evaluation, and set-up
  • Operating, shareholder, and transfer/buy-sell agreements
  • Director and officer resolutions, minutes, and consents
  • Management and employment agreements
  • Employee training programs, handbooks, and compliance
  • Licensee and employee background checks
  • Municipal and State Marihuana business license applications and process
  • Department of Community Health Registration
  • Intellectual property evaluation, registration, and strategy
  • Vendor referrals and agreements
  • Municipal and State Hemp business license applications and process 
  • Professional financial services
  • Business consulting and document preparation, including
    • Cash and inventory management plans
    • Community involvement plans
    • Security plans

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DISCLAIMERThe possession, distribution, and manufacturing of marijuana and marijuana-based products is illegal under federal law, regardless of Michigan or other state law. None of the legal advice provided by our firm is intended to guide or assist individuals or entities in violating federal law, nor will our firm provide any guidance or assistance in complying with federal law. Engagement of our legal services does not decrease or eliminate the risk from enforcement of Federal laws. Our cannabis lawyers are available only to advise clients on issues in relation to applicable state and local law and compliance issues related thereto. Any advice provided on such matters is valid only as of the time it is provided.

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